Paradise Lutheran Church

Youth Ministry

Youth ministry at Paradise is about youth . . . doing ministry.

At Paradise we send youth…

To ELCA National Youth Gatherings (20 youth & 5 adults went to New Orleans)

To high school Winterfest weekends and middle school YouthQuake weekends

To the Lower Susquehanna Synod’s Youth Leadership Camp

At Paradise we have...

Lock-ins where were play crazy games like “killer” and have candlelight worship in the dark at midnight

Police officers and mechanics who teach youth how to drive safely and change tires

Courses where youth learn how to “stop bullying now!”

Youth who deliver children’s sermons, participate in chancel dramas, distribute communion, sing in the Praise Team, teach Sunday School and Vacation Bible School, go on CROP walks and Buddy walks, deliver meals on the street in downtown York to the homeless, and

At Paradise we invite parents and youth to practice the FAITH FIVE…

Share highs and lows every night

Read a verse of scripture every night

Talk about how the scripture speaks to the highs and lows of the day

Pray for each others’ highs and lows (and forgive each other, if necessary) every night

Bless each other with the sign of the cross every night